I am an experienced calligrapher.

I meld the flow of letters into abstracted scenes, capturing the heart of the words

Using a variety of mediums, my works move from the traditional to the contemporary, from legible lettering to gestural marks.

This is what I enjoy doing , putting words into paint, inviting the viewer, to discover and to see further.

Glass engraving. Flexible shaft drill. 900mm x 600mm glass canvas

I have had a passion for, and love of art for as long as I can remember. Growing up in country Victoria from Warrnambool to Wangaratta to Warragul, I acquired an appreciation for the colours and textures of the beautiful Australian landscape from an early age.

With a working background as a draftswoman and later landscape design, I was drawn to the beautiful letterforms and designs of the past. Joining the Calligraphy Society of Victoria over 20 years ago I learnt the disciplines of this art. Then followed teaching, commissions and workshops with Australian and overseas tutors. A trip overseas followed by a move to Gippsland brought many changes to my style.

This has all resulted in a very free form and explosion of letter forms moving to gestural, layering and expressing mark making where legibility has on occasion been sacrificed.
This followed a time working with cut letters and spray cans. Using both positive and negative shapes, equally the images that evolve form the overlapping design of my works. The complex layering of word and of line draw you further into the implied narrative.

A recent overseas trip has re-invigorating my love of, and for, the ink pen and brush, where you see the full beauty in the art of the writing itself.

My art is always evolving, using parts of the past with ideas from the present. Letters are my core.