by Anita George @ Gasworks Art, Albert Park

Words Within

15 April – 5 May

Angela Birds Gallery, Gasworks Art

Albert Park


I work intuitively as mark, letter, line or point follow each other across my canvas. I let my experience with the different mediums dictate the next phase, but always with calligraphy at the core. 

This is celebration of the freedom of letters


by Anita George @ The Station Gallery, Yarragon

Inside my Jewellery Box

New Point Of Reference

29 July – 30 August

The Station Gallery, Yarragon


Every corner is a new Perspective.

These artworks are not in response to the Pandemic, but to the quiet time it produced, the calm of life’s demands slowing. I looked at past work and created new works. I pushed beyond my normal ‘stopping point’ to discover more, to see more. I still enjoy the quick mark, but this was about slowing down and the layering of moments.

Book of moments
Now. my points of reference
This is late. Empathy


by Anita George @ West Gippsland Arts Centre

Image through .... exhib. read it and weep

Read it and Weep Exhibition

16 August – 15 September

West Gippsland Arts Centre http://www.wgac.com.au

emotion. lifelines ..... exhib. read it ans weep

Read it and weep embodies emotion. Words create a reaction in us; love, dispair, hope-lessness, joy, anger, questions and answers

exhib. read it and weep. time.
exhib. read it and weep
A letter found and read...... exhib. read it and weep
fabric drops for 'Read it and Weep exhibition

There once were marks that became symbols that became words , which are now moving back to symbols, marks. Is that progress?

This body of work moves away from paper and traditional pens, back to marks, wood, skins, fibre.

Using my calligraphic experience I am drawing from the past, thrusting into the present. Can, brushes, feathers, paint on MDF, on silk, or cottons will be melded together by letters.

Simplicity of mark, overlaid with tradition and my love of all letterforms, makes this a very unusual experience


by Anita George @ West Gippsland Arts Centre

exhib. inktalks Dance, Sing

Ink Talks Exhibition

Brunswick Street Gallery 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy www.brunswickstreetgallery.com.au

exhib. inktalks Looking forwards, looking backwards

This exhibition, INK TALKS, has examples of these early writing implements and poses the question: is hand writing relevant today or is it now an art-form?

exhib. inktalks My Dreams
exhib. inktalks Out of School
exhib. inktalks My heart. Morooc
exhib. inktalks Life shapes us

Lettering is my passion, and a workshop in Venice my love of Ink, Pen and Brush combined.

The infinite possibilities of these three. The smell of the ink as it hits the paper, the gleam as it is spread with the brush, the sound of the pen dancing with the ink across the white paper.