When paint and lettering intertwine. Words that are legible, or partly hidden through to words barely hinted at, are there in the painting, waiting for you to discover.

When the hand takes over from the mind, these works result. I am writing, I am using my calligraphic skills, but the result is not legible, it has morphed into something else.

Using both positive and negative shapes equally, the images that evolve form the overlapping design of my works. Applying my calligraphic skill in letterforms, I use balance and colour to interpret the mood of the words.

Calligraphy, ‘beautiful letters,’ have long been used for important events in our lives. Your name, beautifully written, is a wonderful memento from an important event.

Over the years I have found that many family members want a keepsake from the wedding and a calligraphic invitation or place card becomes a treasured memento.

Calligraphy has always been associated with weddings. On such a special occasion the choice of words, of stationery and of your calligraphic style is a very important personal decision that helps you set the style for the whole occasion.